Frisbees and Durable Cartridge Heaters

It is thought that the first Frisbee was ‘invented’ by students studying in New England in the late part of the 19th century. A popular food-stuff eaten by many of the students attending New England colleges at that time was that of the pie, supplied by The Frisbie Baking Company in pie tins embossed with the Frisbie logo. Soon the students learned that these empty pie tins were an excellent source of entertainment, as they could be tossed and caught at distance providing hours of game and sport.

By the mid 20th century the Frisbee was commercially developed in plastic form, allowing for superior flight and speed, as well as accuracy. The popularity of the Frisbee continued to rise, helped largely by the growing public fascination with UFO’s throughout the 1950’s.

Although the modern Frisbee still uses the basic design of the 1950’s, they are now produced in increasingly sophisticated shapes from boomerang style, to ‘star flyers’ and ‘orbiters’. Furthermore, the Frisbee is no longer just marketed for leisure use, but can be used as an inexpensive promotional tool for businesses. Commercially targeted Frisbees can be bespoke moulded in corporate colours and finished with the company’s logo – whatever the customer’s specific needs. In excess of 200 million Frisbees have been sold over the past half century.

Today’s Frisbee’s are manufactured using the process of injection moulding, where a chosen polymer is forced through a hopper, together with the desired colorants, and then melted to a molten state using heating element technologies such as the durable cartridge heater, and forced by a screw into a mould to produce the required Frisbee shape.