Quality Cartridge Heaters and the Manufacture of Drug Inhalation Units

The breathing condition known as Asthma affects one in five households in the UK with children accounting for a fifth of those affected. The symptoms of an asthma attack are often triggered when a sufferer comes into contact with something that irritates their airways, causing an allergic reaction that narrows the small tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs. Possible triggers cover a broad range of potential irritants, including: animals, air-pollutants (e.g. cigarette smoke and traffic fumes), chemicals (e.g. cleaning products), dust-mites, food stuffs, cold and flu viruses, pollen and sudden changes in weather. However, sufferers may also be susceptible to an attack due to heightened emotions (e.g. panic attacks), or if participating in physical exercise. Needless to say, asthma can be a debilitating and often frightening condition for those affected, as their airways tighten and become inflamed making it increasingly difficult to breathe. Although there is no cure for asthma, the condition can be controlled with medication. The most common method used by asthma sufferers in taking asthma medicine is in the form of inhalers, either prescribed in ‘preventer’ or ‘reliever’ drug form.

Inhaler units are essential to the continued well-being of millions of asthma sufferers. Manufacturing these units is a relatively cost effective, simple process that uses injection moulding technologies, supported by quality cartridge heaters. Injection moulding is a quick process often applied when manufacturing large numbers of identical plastic products. The process beings with a polymer being fed into the moulding machine via a Hopper. The polymer is then heated (using first-class heating elements such as cartridge heaters) to a molten state, where it is then injected into a mould fabricated in the form of an inhaler unit, after which the product is cooled and finished to required specification, ready for distribution to chemists and hospitals nationwide