Thermocouples And Important Thermo Product Back Up Parts

Industrial Grade Thermocouples & General Products

Gotherm can design and build most types of thermocouples which meet a range of functionality criteria. We can ship additional back up and spare products for heat source products including sockets and adaptors.

Gotherm Thermocouples

Gotherm Thermocouples

Types of Thermocouples available:

  • Thermocouple Sensors
  • Mineral Insulated
  • Platinum Resistance
  • Compensating Cables
  • Industrial Applications: Injection/extrusion moulding machines
  • Catering Applications: Die temperature monitoring

Gotherm General Products

Heat Source Accessories

Types of General Products available:

  • Plugs & Sockets
  • Transfer Pastes
  • Cables
  • Thermocouple Fittings
  • Machine breakdown parts and new machine parts are held in stock and available for immediate dispatch